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Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. When you engage LBMC Security & Risk Services to perform penetration testing, we go on the attack to identify the holes in your defenses before the bad guys do.

LBMC Security & Risk Services - a top penetration testing company - has the practical experience and credentials to perform penetration testing as required by numerous compliance standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Penetration testing can be invasive, but our highly experienced experts know how to enumerate security weaknesses, identify and validate potential attack vectors, exploit vulnerabilities, and determine your environment's susceptibility to attack in a way that preserves the integrity of your production systems while still providing a comprehensive analysis. This makes us among the top penetration testing companies in the world. 

Types of Penetration Testing

From malicious code to the absence of key controls, we identify and prioritize weaknesses through physical, logical and social testing techniques, such as:

  • Social Engineering

    From sending fake emails with spoofed sites, to posing as callers who try to secure sensitive information, to dropping a USB drive in the office, we use a variety of techniques to gauge your company's susceptibility to these common attack techniques. This process helps expose practices that create vulnerabilities and helps determine the vigilance and awareness of your personnel.

  • Web-Application Testing

    Using tools and techniques that an attacker with no prior knowledge of the environment would likely use, we attempt to gain information and identify weaknesses through both dynamic and static application security testing. This two-pronged approach provides you with a clear picture of any security weaknesses that exist in the applications, as well as the likelihood of the exploit.

  • External Penetration Testing Services

    This assessment determines the security posture of your external (Internet facing) network infrastructure and provides recommendations to improve the existing security measures in place. the approach taken with the external penetration testing is to assume the perspective of an attacker. LBMC performs the assessment "from the outside" using tools and techniques to profile the network and attempt to gain information or identify weaknesses with no prior knowledge of the environment.

  • Internal Network Penetration Testing Services

    LBMC's internal penetration testing methodology utilizes a highly-regarded methodology for testing and assessment that is designed to provide our clients with a comprehensive picture of the security risks in their private IT environment while also identifying any specific areas of weakness that can be exploited to obtain unauthorized access. Internal penetration testing is conducted by connecting to an active network port from within the internal network, but without any network authentication credentials. The manner in which the testing is conducted constitutes an analysis of the network and systems from the point of view from an attacker who has already gained access to the internal network through some means of exploitation or physical access to a client facility. It could also be assumed that any insider threat, such as an employee or contractor, would have a similar point of view.

  • Wireless Network Security Testing

    Wireless networks have become an important part of most enterprise network environments, but they pose their own unique risks and should be included in a security assessment. LBMC will evaluate the security of your wireless networks, including penetration tests and architecture design reviews, to attempt to access sensitive information and/or leverage a wireless connection to gain access to your private network environment.

Many of the companies who turn to LBMC for penetration testing also take advantage of one or more of our other information security services—from risk assessments to intrusion detection and prevention. By sharing information across functional areas, we are able to ensure that our testers stay on top of the latest attack techniques, emerging threats, and creative defenses, which improves our assessment and testing techniques and the quality of the resulting threat intelligence we provide to our clients.

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