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Your technology budget, staff and security expertise are finite, yet the threats to your data and network grow by leaps and bounds every year. How do you keep up? Our managed network intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services (IDS/IPS) offer robust protection and around-the-clock monitoring that scale as your enterprise grows.

How our IPS/IDS Works

How are IDS/IPS services work

  • Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS Monitoring)
    We identify hostile activity in real time and take immediate action to block and thwart undesirable network traffic.

  • Managed Intrusion Detection System (IDS Monitoring) 
    Our team of security analysts provides 24X7 monitoring to immediately detect and report unauthorized access attempts and suspicious activities. But we don't stop there. Each alert includes a thorough analysis and specific steps you can take to eliminate the threat.

Why Choose LBMC Managed IDS/IPS

We are a nationally-recognized, award winning IT security and compliance firm with more than 20 years experience. We provide a purpose-built IDS/IPS appliance to monitor network traffic either passively or in-line. Our staff of security analysts monitors your network constantly, looking for signs of attack.

Real-time Threat Intelligence

Our IDS/IPS systems are constantly updated in real-time to defend against the latest attacks as they occur. No need to worry if your team has installed the latest signature updates. We're on it.

Peace of Mind

Our team works 365 days a year to keep your network safe. You can rest easy knowing our professionals are standing guard.

Obsolescence Protection

LBMC maintains the IDS/IPS hardware and the software. No more buying a new appliance every 3 years and and no more system administration headaches for your staff.

Wire-speed Monitoring

We can support monitoring for extremely high performance networks with low tolerance for latency. Our engineers have the experience to deliver a platform that will exceed your expectations for both security and network performance.

Extend Your Security Team

For most companies it doesn't make sense to build out a world-class staff of security monitoring and incident response pros. At LBMC we make that level of talent (and service) affordable for our clients, allowing you to focus on running your business. Our managed solutions scale without adding staff. Your growth won't be limited by the shortage of security engineers in today's job market.

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  • Rob Maldonado Monitoring Operations Supervisor, Nashville
  • Terry Howard Client Implementation Supervisor, Nashville