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Malware Compromise Assessment

Malware Compromise Assessment

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GIAC Certified Forensic AnalystLBMC’s Malware Compromise Assessment was designed on the premise that most organizations have a passive approach to malware protection. Billions of dollars are spent annually on products designed to detect an attacker, yet massive data breaches happen on a near-weekly basis.

Recent studies have determined that the time between compromise and detection, the “compromise detection gap”, averages five to eight months. In more than two-thirds of cases, the compromised organization is first notified of the breach by a third party, such as law enforcement. 

A Better Process for Malware Discovery

We use a “converged security” approach that gathers and analyzes both network information and endpoint information and correlates the captured data with threat intelligence. 

Dissolvable Agents Save Time and Money
In the past, thorough threat hunting services required full endpoint agents to be installed and later uninstalled on each computer. Our malware compromise assessment does not require the installation of a full client agent. It gathers this information using an innovative “dissolvable” agent on Windows and Linux endpoints. This shortens the project timeline to a few weeks as opposed to many months.

Threat Intelligence and Malware Analysis
LBMC's threat intelligence uses a large catalog of data, including open-source threat intelligence from multiple sources, up-to-the-minute data from our Managed Security Services division, and multiple commercial threat feeds. For artifacts that cannot be identified as either benign or malicious through threat intelligence, we perform network traffic heuristics and manual malware analysis.

With LBMC’s Malware Compromise Assessment, you can...

  • Identify and eradicate malicious software.
  • Minimize the “compromise detection gap” between malware infection and malware detection.
  • Protect sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, PII and PHI. 
  • Receive recommendations for recovery from any malware compromises found. LBMC can also provide additional services - such as forensic analysis and penetration testing - under a different statement of work.
  • Confidently answer the question “Are your systems free of malware?”

Meet Incident Response and Digital Forensics Leader Bill Dean

Bill Dean, practice leader for Incident Response, Computer Forensics Analysis, and Litigation SupportBill Dean's expertise is in incident response, digital forensics, electronic discovery and litigation support. He has been qualified as an expert witness in Federal courts and Tennessee state courts. Bill is a faculty member for the Institute for Applied Network Security (IANS), an active member of the International Society for Forensic Computer Examiners, a Certified Computer Examiner - #581, and an InfraGard Board member. In 2014 he was recognized as a “40 under 40” business leader.

Free Ransomware Protection Checklist

Guide to Ransomware Protection and RemovalOur Ransomware Protection Checklist has the detailed steps your organization can take to defend against ransomware and other malware. Find out how to protect your organization from malware:

  • Application settings
  • Firewall and routers
  • SIEM
  • Fileshares and more

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