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GIAC Certified Incident Response HandlerThe ability for today’s organizations to quickly and efficiently respond to a computer security incident has never been more critical. A proper response to network and computer attacks can prevent unneeded expense, over-extending internal resources, and provide the essential information needed to make critical decisions on how to move forward.

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As a a GIAC certified incident handler, we have been called on in response to all of these security incidents caused by all of these threats over the years. 

Financial Fraud

Nation States

Insider Threats


An organization’s brand is hard to measure from a monetary value perspective. However, what is certain is that there are groups that target an organizations brand power by defacing websites and disclosing sensitive data. These situations require the ability to determine how the incident occurred and mechanisms to prevent similar attacks moving forward.

Meet Incident Response and Digital Forensics Leader Bill Dean

Bill Dean, practice leader for Incident Response, Computer Forensics Analysis, and Litigation SupportBill Dean is a Senior Manager in LBMC’s Information Security Services division and is responsible for incident response, digital forensics, electronic discovery and overall litigation support. Bill has more than 20 years of information technology experience with a specialty in information security and digital forensics for the past 10 years. In these roles, he has been qualified as an expert witness in Federal Courts and Tennessee State Courts. 

Bill is a frequent speaker and published author on the topics of computer security, digital forensics and electronic discovery for numerous legal and technical associations. He is a faculty member for the Institute for Applied Network Security (IANS), an active member of the International Society for Forensic Computer Examiners, a Certified Computer Examiner - #581, and an InfraGard Board member. Bill was awarded Knoxville’s “40 under 40” business leaders class of 2014.

Incident Response Frequently Asked Questions

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Free Guide to Breach Prevention and Response

A guide to security breach prevention and responseThe number of high-profile data breaches over the past year should be a wake-up call to organizations everywhere. Clearly many organizations’ programs and tools are not as effective in mitigating breaches as they’d like. That’s why we wrote Breach: A Guide to Network Security Best Practices for Prevention, Detection, and Response.

  • Risk assessment tips — how to gauge the relative security of your data
  • Why you need to shift the focus from technology and tactics to people and processes
  • How to mitigate cyber crime through better controls and processes
  • Practical strategies for reducing cyber crime
  • How to assess which security tasks to handle in-house and when to consider adding managed security services 

Download Breach - Network Security Best Practices (Second Edition)

About LBMC Information Security

We are a nationally-recognized, award-winning IT security and compliance firm with more than 20 years of experience.


  • Fellows of ISSA, the Information Systems Security Association, an honor reserved for 2% of ISSA members worldwide.
  • Information Security Magazine “Security 7” top seven security leaders.
  • ComputerWorld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders in America
  • Southeast Information Security Executive (ISE) of the Year.

We offer the full spectrum of penetration testing, security architecture, risk assessment, and IT compliance services.


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