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BALLAST Risk Assessment Software

BALLAST Risk Assessment Software

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Simplify Your Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Knowing your risks is critical. Determining those risks can be time-consuming and difficult to manage with traditional tools. With BALLAST, you can say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and identify, analyze, and manage security risks for one or hundreds of locations through an intuitive, automated risk assessment tool created by the LBMC Information Security team.

BALLAST offers cyber security risk assessment solutions for a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial, legal, retail, manufacturing, and more. Here’s how BALLAST can offer risk assessments at your fingertips, helping you meet your industry and regulatory requirements through a simple, streamlined process.

BALLAST Risk Assessment Software Features

Intuitive Dashboard Reporting

  • Reporting can support simple, single entity dashboards or robust views for organizations with multiple operating units.
  • Detailed metrics can be provided to an individual facility or operating unit level.
  • View risk levels by location and show units how they stack up against peers.

Automated Remediation Tracking

  • Facility-level users can see the scope of the assessment and progress of all remediation activity.
  • Remediation items can be prioritized, and responsibility can be delegated and tracked.
  • Deadlines, detailed work steps, and instructions can be entered by task.

One-Click Compliance Reporting

  • One-click compliance reporting provides a fully-formulated, up-to-date risk assessment report in seconds.

Learn more about BALLAST

If you’re ready to spend less time assessing and more time managing risks, BALLAST has a plan for you with pricing based on your needs. Get a quote, schedule a demo and view our plans today. Visit, call us at 877-994-2248, or fill out the form below.