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PODCAST: 3 Key Value Points of SIEM Implementation

08/02/2017  |  By: Jason Riddle, CISSP, President, Information Security


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With a focus on aggregation and analysis of log data, security information and event management (SIEM) is becoming a common security control these days. Knowing that many organizations today aren’t realizing the full value of their SIEM, LBMC Information Security’s Jason Riddle addresses three key points of value that any SIEM implementation should provide.

The ability to articulate these value points to your operational and leadership teams will go a long way in showing that you understand that cybersecurity technology investments should have a valid return on investment (ROI)—just like any other major business investment.

This podcast assumes a basic understanding of SIEM and how it’s commonly deployed, however, if you are searching for some base-level SIEM understanding, please check out one of our other podcasts that focuses on SIEM fundamentals.

Here’s what is covered in this podcast:

  • Worst Case Scenario Protection
  • Audit & Reporting
  • Research & Troubleshooting

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