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Grow Your Business with FedRAMP Certification



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Do you provide cloud services to federal agencies? If so, you need to know that FedRAMP certification is now mandatory. And we’ve written a free guide to get you started. The FedRAMP certification process is multi-faceted and laden with complicated requirements — in fact, many companies are unprepared for the demands of the process. This guide will help you understand what’s required and how to find the right partner to help you navigate the complexities of the readiness assessment and certification.

What You’ll Learn in This 27 Page Guide

  • What FedRAMP is and why your business needs it
  • What to expect from the FedRAMP readiness assessment process
  • How to assess potential partners to guide you through the FedRAMP certification process
  • Which security control requirements can derail your certification
  • How to prepare for a smooth and successful certification experience.


  • Chapter 1 - Why FedRAMP Certification Matters
  • Chapter 2 - What to Look for in a FedRAMP 3PAO Partner.
  • Chapter 3 - FedRAMP Readiness Assessment
  • Chapter 4 - Which to Focus on Most
  • Chapter 5 - FedRAMP Certification: The Final Step 
  • Glossary
  • Additional Resources