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Other Industries

Other Industries

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Increased regulation means that all industries that handle confidential or personally identifiable information must comply with complex security and privacy rules with imposing fines.

LBMC Information Security understands at a deep level how to implement and maintain compliance with security frameworks for all highly regulated industries, including:

This knowledge and expertise comes from real-world experience. Many of our professionals have been IT security leaders in government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations and small- and mid-size companies in many different industries. Because we have walked in your shoes, we know how to keep your sensitive data private and safe in a way that is efficient and customized to your organization.


Our IT security experts conduct in-depth assurance assessments that can be leveraged to demonstrate compliance with multiple frameworks, saving you time and money and reducing the compliance burden on your staff. Our team members draw on extensive experience and credentials in areas, such as:

Because we do not sell security products, we provide completely independent and objective assessments of the security and privacy of personally identifiable information. This objectivity, combined with our comprehensive and risk-based approach to security, means that you can rest assured that we will spot the vulnerabilities in your armor that others might miss.

To find out how we can help keep your sensitive data safe, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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“We have found LBMC Information Security services to be a highly effective additional layer in securing and protecting our information technology assets. Their systems are innovative, state-of-the-art and their people are great to work with. I highly recommend them.”
Mark duBarry, Vice-President/Director of Technology
Wilson Bank & Trust