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Government Agencies and Contractors

Government Agencies and Contractors

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LBMC Information Security firm has been helping government client achieve compliance with FISMA since its inception.

With extensive experience securing the networks and data of government agencies and contractors, our team brings a holistic understanding of the risks these organizations face. Our knowledge of risk posed to agencies allows us to tailor controls to adhere to the various standards, while achieving business objectives and protecting information systems and sensitive data. Since we know the FISMA and NIST environment at a very detailed level, we are able to convey ideas and best practices that are very practical and effective.

LBMC Information Security separates itself from traditional information security firms by offering practical, cost-effective solutions that are customized to your unique risk environment. Assessments and deliverables to your organization provide the highest level of risk reduction for the associated cost. These practical solutions lead to real results and a tangible return on investment. Assessments conducted by LBMC can be leveraged to demonstrate compliance with multiple frameworks, saving you time and money and reducing the compliance burden on your staff. Our team members draw on extensive experience and credentials in areas, such as:

LBMC has a dedicated practice team devoted exclusively to FISMA and NIST compliance testing and risk analysis, and has performed numerous compliance assessments for companies and government entities. As such, we bring capabilities unmatched by even larger national providers at price points more in line with specialty firms.

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