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Visa Introduces Enhanced PCI DSS Enforcement Plan

11/24/2014  |  By: Stewart Fey, Director of Technical Services


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PCI DSSAre you PCI Compliant Yet?

A lot of merchants and service providers are not and you better hurry!  Visa has announced that it is stepping up enforcement of PCI Compliance.  With all of the high profile credit card breaches its no wonder it has taken this step.  The announcement comes in a Visa Service Bulletin.

 Here is a little snip-it:

“Visa encourages clients to work with their non-compliant or overdue Level 1 and Level 2 merchants and service providers immediately to obtain either validation documentation or a remediation plan. Entities with overdue PCI DSS validation or that have never validated PCI DSS compliance must submit a remediation plan to their Visa clients. Visa clients are responsible for reviewing and accepting the remediation plan. If the Visa client accepts the remediation plan, it must provide Visa with the Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company name (if applicable) and the planned validation date to suspend assessment. Visa reserves the right to review and reject a remediation plan.” For the full announcement review the document directly from Visa.

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