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OCR Audits for 2014-15 : Are You Ready?

09/17/2014  |  By: Mark Fulford, CISSP, CISA, ABCP, HITRUST, Shareholder, Information Security


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Healthcare organizations are bracing themselves for the next round of Office for Civil Rights (OCR) audits, but many are not quite sure what to expect. To provide clarity, we asked our industry-leading security experts to develop a guide to healthcare security audit readiness. We’re pleased to announce the release of OCR Audits Demystified, a straightforward guide that will help you prepare for the 2014-15 OCR audits. Inside, you will learn how to make sense of security requirements, fulfill your responsibilities, and be ready to prove it to the OCR. If you are a healthcare provider, health plan or healthcare information clearinghouse (or you provide services to them), now is the time to conduct a risk assessment and evaluate your level of HIPAA compliance. A good faith effort to assess your current security procedures—and make appropriate corrections—will go a long way in demonstrating your intention to comply with HIPAA regulations should you be selected for a 2014-15 OCR audit. Not sure how to begin? OCR Audits Demystified provides a framework for understanding the landscape surrounding the OCR audits, what the OCR might be looking for, and how to make decisions about your level of security. By using these guidelines, you will feel confident that you are ready for an OCR audit if your organization is selected to participate this time around. Across five chapters, OCR Audits Demystified explores:

  • What you need to know about HIPAA/HITECH
  • Some of the most common myths about security compliance in healthcare
  • Setting a practical, responsible bar for compliance
  • What to expect in the 2014-15 OCR audits
  • How to prepare if you’re selected for an audit

Download the free guide below to learn more. On LinkedIn or Twitter? Follow us on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @lbmcsecurity. Learn more about how our team at LBMC Information Security can help your team armor up with a wide range of network defense servicesContact us today!​OCR_CTAs

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