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How to Eliminate the Guesswork (and Annoying Work) of IT Audits



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Risk Assessments are a lot like physicals. Though you don’t necessarily look forward to either, you know you need both. And when you get a clean bill of health or receive feedback on improvements you can make for a healthier body or system, you’re glad you did it.

At LBMC Information Security, our job is to take our clients painlessly through the audit process. It’s our job to ensure your data and your network are both safe and secure. With the development of our new risk assessment platform, BALLAST, we can not only deliver a thorough and easy-to-read risk assessment, but we can now also make the remediation process simple and efficient.

In this BALLAST blog post, LBMC Information Security explains how BALLAST can change the way you look at risk assessments, including:

  • Why risk assessments are important to auditors
  • Why the traditional risk assessment process can be difficult

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How to Eliminate the Guesswork (and Annoying Work) of IT Audits