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Public companies continue to struggle with a lack of expertise and bandwidth to comply with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX 404). As a compounding factor, more stringent PCAOB requirements have led to increased scrutiny by the large external audit firms, compounding. Our knowledgeable team lives in the trenches with these dynamics and is well positioned to integrate with, or serve as your internal audit function for a successful outcome.

Whether your organization needs to augment your existing internal audit capabilities, or you seek to outsource all documentation and testing of IT general controls, LBMC Information Security has the experience and bench strength you need.

A Decade of Comprehensive SOX Reporting Experience

LBMC Information Security has been providing comprehensive SOX 404 compliance services for more than a decade. Our IT, financial and operational auditors have performed SOX testing and documentation for public companies in a variety of industries. We have experience assessing internal controls against all the major frameworks, including the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) integrated framework, as well as Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT).

Because we provide a full spectrum of financial and IT audit services, we are able to see the full picture of your organization’s controls, facilitating a more targeted understanding of your risks. This comprehensive view allows us to consider each control in its proper context.

LBMC draws on an extensive team of financial and IT auditors to help you achieve SOX compliance through the following services:

  • Risk assessment. We work alongside your internal audit department to understand the systems that generate your financial reporting and assess your risks related to reliability and accuracy of financial reporting. Then we develop a list of internal controls that are or should be in place to safeguard the financial reporting process.
  • Remediation management. Taking a risk based approach to control evaluation is vital to an efficient 404 project. LBMC’s team members have experience in both internal and external audit capacities to help you prioritize risks related to financial reporting.
  • Internal controls testing. We develop and execute internal audit plans to test the operating effectiveness of controls.
  • Documentation and reporting. Our documentation presents our testing and assessment of IT general controls in a format that external auditors expect and appreciate.

By maintaining continuity on your SOX audit engagement year after year, our auditors develop a deep level of familiarity with your processes and systems, and you don’t have to waste time re-training our team members. This level of familiarity enables not only the most efficient SOX compliance but also strong working relationships.

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